Out of the flames – an illustrated Bible.

The smoke is mostly gone and firefighting crews are mopping up the Pipeline fire. Twice now, families have fled before the flames, carrying a few possessions as they wait to hear whether their homes have survived. I have an acquaintance who one of those who lost her home – there is nothing left but charred beams and ashes. She survived with her husband and dog, a few pieces are her artwork and her Bible. We were recently talking about how we apply our faith to the difficult times that come our way. She looked a little haunted as she said she would run. We all knew she was thinking about the fire consuming her home. Then I caught a glimpse of her Bible. No wonder she chose to save it.
She has been a committed Christian for a few years now. She wanted a ‘pretty Bible’. She smiles, saying God knew she would read her Bible before she began to illustrate it. He wants us to read his Word and learn from Him. ¬† Then she turned to this page.

Here we find the storm just as the Bible relates. A group of terrified men caught in the howling wind and storm-tossed waves. The illustration reminds her that even in the middle of turmoil, Jesus is there – the calm in the middle of the storm. This is not her only illustration. I hope she does more. You can find Jeanne’s work at the Artist Gallery in downtown Flagstaff.