At Morten Moore, we love the written word. 

Jn 1:1-3

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At Morten Moore we love the written word. The stories and non-fiction selections that we have read over the years have expanded our view on the world, taught us about new places and entertained us in the quiet moments of our lives. Beyond education and entertainment, the written word allows us to preserve our traditions and beliefs.
As we began to publish books on Arizona and the southwest we wanted to share the wonder of this unique region with others, using the written word and beautiful photos. Our books lead the reader into the back country of Arizona to explore new territory, sharing a sense of adventure with young and old.
Now we’ve grown to include a new genre with the idea that we all walk in faith, whether stepping off a curb on an urban street or struggling across the sun-scorched desert, life is more than the physical realm. The life of faith appeals to our search for a deeper meaning beyond our day-to-day. Our selections hail from the Protestant faith, sharing unique stories of individuals who those have faced great challenges in life.
As you check the tabs on the bar at the top of the screen, you will see a selection for news items we keep UpFront for those who visit our site. On the UpFront page, we post op-ed commentary, photos, videos and special announcements. If you have a comment to share, please contact us through our contact page.
Thank you for visiting Morten Moore Publishing and considering the selections we have published to date. We hope you will return to order other books, either from us, through Amazon or from your local bookstore.

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