First Steps: Exploring Arizona’s Back Country

Arizona is a beautiful and ecologically diverse state. First Steps introduces residents and visitors alike to the back country of Arizona, along trails in easily accessible sites. The trails lead to interesting destinations across eleven regions some with unexpected twists and turns.¬† With the exception of the trail to Havasupai, all the trails are day hikes leading to waterfalls and streams, caves and ruins, historical sites and mountaintop vistas. Moore’s beautiful full-color images give readers a taste of the region they will explore in Arizona’s back country.

Due to the diverse terrain, hikers hike year-round in Arizona. The state’s terrain stretches from mountain peaks over 10,000 feet down to the Sonoran Desert with elevation at 1,500 feet. When the temperatures are blazing hot in the low country, the northland is cooler. If snow blankets the northland, residents find desert regions to be pleasant. Ponderosa pines shroud the highest peaks while the deserts harbor a large variety of cacti and succulents. A wide variety of reptiles and warm-blooded mammals spread across seven ecological zones, each species specifically adapted to their environment, whether desert or forest, canyon or mountain ranges. Those who move quietly may have the opportunity to see some of these wild creatures.

As an introduction to Arizona’s back country, residents may find some of the routes familiar while other trails may be unknown to hiking veterans. With First Steps, there is always a neighboring region to explore. Or dive into, entering one of the trails Moore has described, and you’ll find other options to explore. Let’s face it, there are so many options for hiking in Arizona and hiking season is wide open! First Steps will help you start on a lifetime of exploration in Arizona’s back country.