Arizona Trails For Children

Arizona Trails for Children

Arizona Trails for Children is a hiking guide for families, describing over 135 trails throughout Arizona, suitable for both young and mature hikers. Families will enjoy exploring the ruins of ancient Native Americans, dipping into streams with sparkling waterfalls, gazing out from high peaks or investigating sheltered canyons. This book has been well received by both children and adults as it provides unique information in exploring the geology, the history and the natural beauty of Arizona.

Arizona Trails for Children divides the state into eleven regions, with each chapter describing between ten and fifteen hikes, in a particular region that are suitable for day hikers of all ages. The hikes range from a half mile to around five miles one way with Havasupai the longest at 10 miles one way. Each hike is given two pages with a brief description and a fact summary allowing adults to quickly assess whether the trail is appropriate for the limitations of their group. A map shows the access to the trail head with general topographical markers to guide hikers as they move along the trail. Each hike has at least one feature such as a stream or historical ruin that will give families an interesting destination and encourage hikers to consider the history, geology and ecological features of our state.

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Date: 23 Nov 2012

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Pages: 355

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